Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Wingin’ It

For better or worse, we gays have raised the bar on gift giving. In days gone by, a cheap bottle of Champale or some mangled drugstore bouquet, complete with carnations, would have made for a more than adequate hostess gift. But these days, it’s all about presentation and originality, especially if you want to be invited back.

So if you’re looking for a showstopper at your next dinner party, you can either enlist the services of a very handsome escort or save some cash and wow ‘em with a Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis that transforms into a real live butterfly. The only thing gayer would be bringing a tiny unicorn with a jewel-encrusted horn!

And speaking of jewel encrusted, the chrysalis starts out as a small green peapod with a tiny crescent of gold. We thought this was a marketing trick done with a BeDazzler and some ingenuity, but “Butterfly Guy” Tony Delia tells us that’s just how Mother Nature made them.

Once the chrysalis darkens, it means the butterfly is getting ready to emerge. Although it’s not on the care instructions, we’ve heard that playing Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out” softly in the background will ease this process.

After the butterfly bids adieu to the chrysalis, it will still hang around for a few hours while its wings dry. Think of this as the human equivalent of setting one’s hair in curlers before a big night on the town.

From there it’s off to your garden to flit and flutter about. Again, kinda like the human version of going to the bar.

Who knew we had so much in common with butterflies?

Available in a decorative pot for $40 at
Avant Garden
4 Highland Park Village, Dallas
(214) 559-3432
(Just call ahead to make sure they are in stock!)

Or learn more about “The Butterfly Guy” online at