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A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Woofs

They go to fancy spas for massages and facials. They wear designer clothes to their high-dollar therapy sessions. And, well, they eat their own poop. Yeah, we know. You’re thinking Gary Busey or Amy Winehouse, but we’re talking about your dogs. Or that houseful of cats (shout-out to our lesbian readers!).

With all the pampering you give your four-legged children, you’ll want to preserve them for posterity (and no, not that creepy taxidermy with Fluffums in full begging stance propped up by the dining room table). We’re talking stunning photographic portraits from Fetch Photography. Artistic pics of your 15-year-old dog draped in nothing but a sheet or your kitty recreating famous poses of Marilyn Monroe.

Seriously, folks. These aren’t the Polaroids taken with Santa at PetSmart. They’re professional, beautiful and truly awwww-inspiring.

Take your pooch or puss to the Fetch studio and have her sit (then stay) for a fully customized photo session designed to capture the true essence of her personality. Or photographer Kevin Hamilton will come to your house and snap her in her natural habitat, posed on her favorite Mitchell Gold ottoman or chasing a squirrel through the topiary maze in your English garden.

Whatever the setting, your pets are celebrities in your world. And now they have their own pup-arazzi to catch their every move.

Studio Session: $195 for up to three pets in the same family.
(Includes a $120 print credit.)
Fetch Photography
(972) 639-8579

** When we told Kevin we wanted to feature Fetch, he was thrilled to offer GLD readers a special 10% off print purchases for sessions scheduled by May 31, 2008. **