Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oh The Humanity!

If 2008 had to hang its hat on a buzzword du jour, it would certainly be GREEN. Seems like everyone is jumping on the polar-bear-saving bandwagon with eco-friendly this and carbon-footprint-reducing that. But we think there’s one green that’s totally inexcusable – avocado. As in the hue that ran rampant on cook tops and refrigerators circa 1970 along with gold fleck Formica countertops and marigold-orange cabinetry.

Luckily, many of the same folks who have found an inner eco-consciousness have also found a deeply hidden sense of style and decided to say au revoir to their kitchen from days gone by. But rather than just tossing out the old like a cheating ex-boyfriend, recycle elements from your old kitchen, protect the environment and keep a little change in your pocketbook in the form of a nice tax deduction. Cha-ching!

Here’s how it works: Habitat for Humanity accepts the gently used appliances and cabinetry for its Home Improvement Outlet. Johnny Q. Public then buys said products (along with some new items for sale) at 50% to 75% off retail price. Proceeds from the sale then help Habitat for Humanity to build affordable homes for deserving families. Cue “The Circle of Life.”

And, instead of ending up in a landfill, that old kitchen gets a new life. Hopefully the new owners have a campy “vintage” style or at least a few gallons of primer paint and a vision fueled by hours and hours of HGTV.

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity
Home Improvement Outlet Store
Two Locations:
2800 N. Hampton Road, Dallas
451 W. Interstate 30, Garland
(Donations can be dropped off at the store and pickup is available for significant quantities of items.)