Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hip To Be Square

While religion and politics are two taboo subjects not to be discussed in mixed company, a third category may be in order: Best Pizza. As we’ve seen, what starts out an innocent conversation amongst close friends about crust preference can quickly go all Fight Club leading to upper cuts traded alongside deep-dish insults.

So, in an effort to prevent a sissy slap or black eye, we won’t proclaim Scalini’s hand-rolled pizza the best we’ve ever had. But we will give it snaps of superiority for overall size and deliciousness. And yes, size does matter, as in evidenced by the fact that our small (12”) arrived in its rectangular glory taking up the entire cafeteria-style tray. Who knows what type of serving device they load the 18” on?

There’s some pre-determined pizza types like the “All The Way” (sausage, onion, olives, peppers) which always make for a great first date dish. Or you can build your own with fancy schmancy options like fresh basil, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic or ricotta cheese.

Oh, and delivery is available if you’re in close enough proximity. And if you get the same glorious man hunk who was peddling our pie, you’ll have this place on speed dial faster than Mariah Carey can annul her brand new wedding.

Scalini’s Pizza & Pasta
2021 Abrams Road, Dallas (Lakewood Shopping Center)
(214) 821-8088