Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dive In, The Cocktails Are Just Fine

If you don’t scratch the surface, Dallas nightlife can leave you feeling trapped in a world of spray tan, fake boobs and obscenely white veneers (kind of like being married to Pamela Anderson). But for every fancy-pants lounge of VIP lists and $400 “bottle service,” there are also places like Barbara’s Pavilion where $400 might be the total decorating budget (think Trading Spaces – lots of painted MDF and “repurposed” decor).

Tucked away in a darkened corner of Oak Cliff is this jewel of a neighborhood bar. For years, locals called it “Open Bar” as the neon sign reading “open” was the only way to find it. But now it boasts a shiny marquee and an often-open front door that’s symbolic of the type of reception you’ll receive. So check the attitude, and get ready to talk to people aside from the ones you came with!

There’s no DJ Sass-O-Frass up in this house either, just an Internet jukebox that plays an assortment of tunes about as eclectic as the bar’s patrons. We were delighted to cue up a list ranging from Loretta Lynn’s version of “These Boots Are Made For Wallkin’” to AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” (complete with an embarrassing air guitar solo with a pool cue).

And if the jukebox isn’t enough to scratch the musical itch, stop by on Mondays or Thursdays for no-holds-barred karaoke madness. The more you drink, the better you sound, right?

Barbara’s Pavilion
325 Centre Street, Dallas
(214) 941-2145