Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Off And Running

Waking up is hard to do, especially after tying one on the night before at that $2 beer bust/drag show/cookout you love so much.

Well, snooze-aholics. You’ve finally met your match.

Developed by a group of sadists at M.I.T., Clocky is a cute little alarm clock with clever little wheels adding a bit of whimsy to the sleek, unusual design. Cute, that is. Until you realize that those wheels were made for walking. Or more to the point, jumping and hiding.

Yes, if you hit the snooze button on this sucker, it jumps off your nightstand and rolls around for a place to hide. The alarm becomes intermittent and the screen flashes as it races around the room, which makes for a truly annoying – yet highly effective – wakeup call.

Best of all, you get your morning exercise before you even get your first sip of coffee. The only thing that’ll get you of bed faster is rolling over and realizing who you brought home from that beer bust/drag show/cookout you love so much.

Available in Aqua and White
Online at www.uncommongoods.com
(Type “clocky” in the keyword search)