Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mr. Green Jeans

Oh, the woes of the fashionista. A closet (or six) full of clothing and nothing to wear. It’s time to purge and make room for some new pieces. But Lord knows the landfills are already full of parachute pants, denim shorts and Lance Armstrong bracelets, so where can you take your favorite fashions to find a loving home?

Buffalo Exchange is the Al Gore of clothing stores, ready to teach a lesson on recycling and getting bigger every year. The chain’s Dallas location has been open for several years, but it’s still tops when it comes to exchanging your bottoms. And belts, boots and ball caps.

Just take in your stuff and if you have items that they can re-sell, you get cash on the spot. Or, if the idea of wearing someone else’s shirt doesn’t offend you (we always imagine a hot muscular Adonis as the previous owner) you can get a higher return in trade.

On a recent visit, we traipsed in with 72 pairs of orphan trousers desperately seeking adoption. Some found a new home at Buffalo Exchange, the others were sent to a local charity. For the items they did purchase, we opted for store credit and walked out with a brand new Dolce & Gabbana shirt with the original tags. Score!

The inventory changes daily, even hourly, so it’s worth checking out often. The clientele is young, hip and cute, as are the employees. Just be warned, if you’re any older than 22, you’re probably going to be called “sir” at least twice.

Buffalo Exchange
3424 Greenville Avenue, Dallas
(214) 826-7544