Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Calling All Fruits!

As the warm days of spring turn into the OMFG-it’s-an-inferno hot afternoons of summer, we all need something to cool us off. And believe it or not, it doesn’t have to end in –eer, –argarita or –ong Island Iced Tea to do the trick. Nor filled with fattening milk or cream, either.

What is this food of the future, you ask? Why, none other than our long forgotten frozen friend, sorbet. You know, Prince sang about a girl wearing a raspberry one. The kind u find in a second-hand store.

Ain’t nothin’ second-hand about the chic Sorbeteria Dallas, the newest sweet sensation to hit town. Their menu of flavors boasts a fruity mantra: no corn syrup, no dairy or animal products, and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Just delicious fruit and little else.

Flavors include such delicious palate-pleasers as mango, white peach, strawberry and lemon. Or if you still can’t keep your mind off cocktails, then indulge in a scoop of Cosmo, Piña Colada or, for our gay friends, the Flaming Greyhound.

Enjoy your sorbet by itself or in a refreshing float made with S. Pellegrino or a filling smoothie chock full of fresh fruit.

So lighten up next time you want something sweet to dance on your tongue. The people at the pool watching you flit around in your Speedo will thank you. Trust us.

Sorbeteria Dallas
7700 West Northwest Highway (across from NorthPark Center), Dallas
(214) 373-7777