Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hairy, Curly and ‘Mo

Yeah, we know. Hair salons in Uptown Dallas are as ubiquitous as wrinkles on Bea Arthur’s boobs. So it takes an extra-special perm palace to catch our attention and find its way into our inner coif circle.

Take note: Dear Clark is not your grandmother’s beauty shop. It’s the understated, sophisticated quintessence of chic. Owners Holly Dear and Kaycee Clark bring together years of salon experience and have lured the hottest stylists to lather, rinse and repeat for their überhip clientele.

We followed one of our favorite stylists to the salon and have fallen in love with the space. If you want a quick cut, especially you fellas, and you need a good laugh while you’re at it, make sure to book F. Hag Extraordinaire, Courtney Hammonds (pictured). She’s as crazy as Anna Nicole Smith, minus the tombstone. And girl can dish some trash.

And if you want the best dye job around, oh Mickey, he’s so fine. (That’s Mr. Black if you’re nasty.)

The gay-friendly vibe (which applies to virtually any salon outside Vatican City) is amped up even higher, especially with wine and beer while you wait.

And getting the time that fits your schedule is just as much fun as the impending follicular makeover. Dear Clark offers a sleek interface for making online appointments, so you can see the availability for your favorite stylist, colorist, makeup artist or waxist. (Hee, we just made up a new word.) A couple clicks later, the appointment’s set and you get a reminder in your inbox the day before.

It’s all so very Blade Runner meets Steel Magnolias. We love it.

Dear Clark Hair Studio
First-time clients get 20% off.
3317 McKinney Avenue (next to Primo’s), Dallas
(214) 397-0700