Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nice Ice Baby

This just in, diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend. Turns out the longtime BFFs ended up in a feud more longstanding than the Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie debacle of ’06. And according to our sources, said sparkles have been seen swishing and swirling alongside a new crew in the form of decadent ice cubes.

Don’t you just love our overactive imagination with inanimate objects?! But like all of our tales of fabulosity, it is grounded in a grain of truth. Thanks to our handy dandy Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray, we’ve been whipping up batches of gem-filled cocktails all week (practice makes perfect, right). And Mariah Carey eat your heart out, ‘cause we have raised the bar on bling.

Here’s how it works: pour Perrier into the gem-shaped molds; leave some clear for diamonds or add a drop of food coloring to creates emeralds, sapphires and rubies; freeze overnight and let the decadent drinking begin.

Some favorite uses include making batches of “diamonds” to chill a bottle of Kristal, dropping a few in a Bloody Mary and christening it the “Blood Diamond” or using the molds to gussy up a really cheap Vodka Tonic in what we are calling the “Cubic Zirconia Cooler.” Cheers to a rich new happy hour!

Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray
$6 each
Available online at www.cb2.com