Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunchin’ It Old School

On our gay brunch scene scale from one to ten, Bread Winners ranks a solid 113. It’s been a reliable staple for years, but Dallas gays will fall into one of two categories: those who go religiously every weekend and those of us caught up in finding the hot new spot for mimosas and eggs who’ve forgotten just how good it is.

The original Uptown location will always be our favorite, with its wide-open courtyard and cozy little nooks that, when not holding in all the collective gallons of lip gloss and hairspray of giggly bridal showers, are actually quite charming.

The waiters are cute. The customers are even cuter. And the food is off-the-charts healthy. And by healthy, we mean Paula Dean butter-lovin’, syrup-drippin’ decadence.

Our all-time faves cover the salty-sweet spectrum that makes for any good brunch. Check out the French Benedict, a gigantic croissant covered with fluffy eggs, ham, asparagus and quarts of hollandaise. Or to satisfy your sugar fix, there’s not much better than the Honey Crunch French Toast. It’s textbook traditional until they roll it in crunchy cereal, making for a delightful contrast to the gooey-soft center.

And if you’re into cocktails for breakfast, then you’re in luck. They pour as good as they cook.

So whether you’re already planning your ritual visit this Saturday or Sunday or you’re simply in the mood for something dependably delicious, then go and win some bread already. Just remember to get there early and stake your spot on the patio before the bridesmaids attack.

Bread Winners Café
3301 McKinney Avenue, Dallas
(214) 754-4940