Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tee. Hee.

Summertime, and the wearin’ is easy. (And so are most of our friends. Let us know if you need a date.)

Don’t get us wrong. We all love to dress up and show off our latest designer duds, but in the sweltering Texas heat, we want to be in a T-shirt (or less) any chance we get. Yet we refuse to settle for some crap from Old Navy with an American flag on it.

That’s where Arm Hole comes in. Even though the East-Dallas-gone-West-Village storefront has been shuttered for a few months, making it difficult for us to find that perfect last-minute “Scott Baio, Loverboy” shirt when we so desperately need one, you can still score online.

Arm Hole’s virtual “Custom T-Shirt Bar” allows you to select from hundreds of ready-made designs, from vintage porn to Gary Coleman (oh wait, same difference). Choose the size and color of shirt, and where you want the transfer placed. The permutations are nearly endless (we got an A+ in Statistics 101), making it next to impossible that you’ll be photographed wearing the same outfit as someone else. (Sorry, Sarah Jessica)

You can even give them your own design to turn into a fabulous work of preshrunk art. Puffy letters with your name on the back not included.

Arm Hole
Shirts start at $20
(214) 760-7373