Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Quit Bitchin’, Start Stichin’

Maybe grandma was on to something with her “relaxing” needlepoint (although the mid-afternoon Mint Juleps probably helped too). There’s something very Zen-like about staring at stitches until you go cross-eyed. But really, what gay worth his Gucci wants a “Golden Rule” sampler hanging around the house?

Enter Subversive Cross Stitch – it’s all the kitschy fun of needlepoint with a much cattier result. Created by local Richardson girl Julie Jackson as a form of anger management brought about by a douche-bag boss, this site offers tons of sour and irreverent kits for crafting novices and pros to make their own.

What better way to make visitors feel welcome than with a framed “Don’t Make Me Cut You” piece hanging in the guest room. Or wow the girls at the office with a homemade “Shut Your Whore Mouth” placard for your cubicle.

With each kit, you’ll not only discover your prowess at a new hobby, you’ll also be releasing those pesky negative emotions that Mr. Therapist says could kill you if they continue to remain bottled up.

Who knows, you might end up feeling so good that everyone on your Christmas list will get a “Homo Sweet Homo” sampler complete with alternating heart pattern.

Kits cost between $12 and $20 each
(including USPS First Class shipping)