Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fab Finds From Far Far Away

Looking for an adventure? Then grab your pith helmet and pocket book and head on down to Industrial Boulevard. (Or is it the road formerly known as Industrial Boulevard?)

You may know this lil’ stretch of asphalt as a haven for liquor stores and bail bondsmen, but wait, there’s more. Like the cash stored in a hooker’s cleavage, Industrial is home to a treasure trove of great antique and home design stores including one of our faves – Big Mango Trading Company.

Just step over the one-eyed hobo prattling on about the space aliens stealing his thoughts, and you’ll be safe inside Big Mango’s wrought-iron gates. Those memories of “the streets” will melt away as you experience an exotic garden of sculpture, stone vessels and those really fancy “outside” beds that only rich people have. (Do they pay the servants to swat the mosquitoes while they sleep?)

Whether you’re looking for a giant Buddha head for the garden or maybe just a little objet d’art for the mantel, this space is filled with enough interesting finds to keep even the most ADD-type personalities occupied.

Although most of the pieces have a slightly Asian slant, there’s also a ton of great natural finds like teak orbs, petrified wood stools or tables made from reclaimed wood slabs. There’s even a life-size, found-object metal sculpture of R2D2 and C-3PO, if you’re into the Sci-Fi thing.

Whatever you do, just make sure to buy something really heavy in case you need to use it as a weapon on your way back to the car. We kid, we kid. But seriously, pack some heat.

Big Mango Trading Company
1130 North Industrial Boulevard, Dallas