Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Frank Lloyd Done Right

For anyone familiar with the stores along Forest Lane, it will be hard not to pull into the parking lot of Woodlands Grill without getting a craving for a Frosty. Sadly your 99 cents won’t get you very far in this new place, but we are happy to report that they did stay true to the “biggie-sized” portions.

Inspired by the clean lines of the great Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater,” Woodlands avoids the trap of becoming an overly thematic “Rainforest Cafe” of prairie style. Instead, it finds a happy balance between casual eatery and fancy-enough place to take the in-laws without breaking the bank. You know, a place that has wine glasses on the table even for the lunch hour.

Like its appropriately subtle décor, the food is reserved but tasty. Splurge and get the Bruschetta for an appetizer. The mix of sweet tomatoes, salty bread, tangy basil and crunchy pine nuts will keep you just full enough until your meal arrives.

For entrees, it’s all about the Spinach Pesto Pasta. The presentation is beautiful in an oversized, asymmetrical white bowl brimming with campanelle pasta, grilled shrimp, yellow pear tomatoes and toasted pecans. The Cobb Salad is also a nice standard, but steer clear of the lemon vinaigrette. It tastes just like Lemon Pledge smells. Blech. Ranch, please.

Although slightly haunted by its fast-food past, Woodlands Grill’s relaxed ambiance, full bar and delicious menu will chase away all your memories of square-shaped meat patties.

Woodlands Grill
6073 Forest Lane, Dallas
(972) 239-2024