Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Current Affair

Perhaps it’s our childhood nerd-crush on Ed Begley, Jr. that’s caused us to transfer our love and devotion to a retail store devoted to eco-conscious, energy-efficient living.

After all, Begley doesn’t just talk the green talk, he also walks the granola walk. If we were all a little more like him, perhaps the planet would be in a teency-bit better shape. But who really knows. We just like to shop.

What we do know is that Current Energy on Knox is more than just the place we walk past after getting a frozen custard from Wild About Harry’s on our way to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store to find out why our XTube videos aren’t loading faster. It actually carries a wide variety of products that can really make a difference in our everyday lives. It’s just taken us nearly a year-and-a-half and two Earth Days to finally check it out.

Whether you’re simply looking for one of those cool Dairy Queen-esque twisty light bulbs or the ultimate in Super Toilets, they’ve got you covered. Plus, they offer plenty of solar-powered goodies, bamboo apparel and even an electric bicycle.

Our favorite part is the knowledgeable store staff. Heck, on one visit a salesperson told us how much they didn’t like a particular wind-powered charging device, the HYmini. We can’t blame ‘em, either. Who wants to buy a product that sounds like a girl’s virginity protector? They should really just discontinue the product if it’s not good, but for now we’re happy they at least tell us the truth – even an inconvenient one.

Current Energy
3103 Knox Street, Dallas
(469) 533-7600