Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Move Over, Mary Ann

OK, so there really hasn’t ever been an official battle over the best CCP (coconut cream pie) in Dallas, at least not that we know. But if there were, we know who would be standing atop a pastry battleship with MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banners and whipped cream moustaches covering an ear-to-ear grin: Victory Tavern’s Executive Chef, Jim Oetting.

If this were the kind of pie they spoke about in math class, then maybe we would’ve paid more attention. But just in case, order us up 3.14 pieces of decadent, tropical yumminess now!

Each luscious slice is a splendid balance of sweetness and nuttiness, with just a hint of salt from the crisp, Nilla Wafer crust (not your ordinary praise-the-lard version). The filling is creamy and rich, yet surprisingly subtle with fresh toasted coconut in every bite. Oetting created five recipes before settling on this masterpie(ce) and the homework paid off.

Paired with a glass of champagne, the dynamic dessert duo is the perfect way to cap off a meal or wind down after a hockey game. Or New Kids on the Block concert. Whatever floats your boat.

$7 per slice
Victory Tavern
3030 Olive Street, Dallas (in Victory Park)
(214) 432-1900