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Packin’ A Punch

Summer is finally here and so is that vacation you’ve been planning all year. And while your mind may already be basking on the beaches of Bermuda, there’s still the reality of packing all 87 of your cutest outfits into one tiny suitcase.

It used be a simple matter of loading your entire summer wardrobe into a mid-size steamer trunk, carting it to the airport and tipping the Skycap an extra five bucks for the hernia surgery he’d need just from lifting it. But sadly those days have gone extinct, much like those really cute go-go boots worn by flight attendants.

Although we are big proponents of function, we hate to see it come at the loss of fashion. That’s why we love Eagle Creek Black Pack-It Folders. Available in three sizes, these handy travel aids let you cram in the couture, while saving space and keeping everything wrinkle free.

Each folder comes with a lightweight folding board to aid in the process. (Warning: this may induce flashbacks of that summer you worked at The Gap.) To use, all you do is fold, stack and wrap your wardrobe into a perfect package then toss it into your suitcase. The mesh siding makes it effortless for even the nosiest of TSA employees to get up in your business without mussing a single garment.

Now if only boyfriends could come with this kind of reduced baggage.

On sale through July 6 for $17 – $21 each depending on size.
Available at The Container Store
7700 W. Northwest Highway, Dallas
or online at www.containerstore.com