Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

World Up

Although the idea of traveling to exotic lands and finding precious crafts made by local artisans may seem like a dream life, it’s not. The reality is something completely different.

Have you ever tried to plug in a Norelco Body Groomer in a Guatemalan hut while avoiding mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds? And besides, with the new per-bag charges on airlines we’d spend half of our fun money just checking our new safari outfits and the requisite industrial vat of bug spray.

But why be inconvenienced getting gifts from all over the world when you can just head over to Oak Cliff’s fair-trade import store, From The Ends Of The Earth? Not to be confused with rough trade like you pick up at the Greyhound station, fair trade is the practice of making sure that the seller of the goods, or the artisan who created it, gets a market-value share of the profit. Makes you feel a little less like Kathy Lee Gifford, huh.

Owned by artist and adventurer Wendi Medling, who travels the world so you don’t have to, From The Ends of The Earth is truly a hodgepodge of tchotchkes from around the globe. There’s home décor like hand-carved mirrors and tribal masks, beautiful pens and stationary and even a selection of world music if your iPod needs a little refresh.

Or check out the t-shirt collection. Our fave is a cute black tee with a tiny red heart and Japanese characters. It literally translates to, “now accepting applications for a Japanese boyfriend.”

Passport stamps are passé. Just tell friends you are taking a vacation, stay home for the week drinking margaritas in the air conditioning and then bring them some great find from the store.

They’ll never know the difference and we’ll never tell your secret. Pinky swear.

From The Ends Of The Earth
839 West David Street, Dallas
(866) 761-0968