Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch of the Month: The Chicken or The Egg?

Despite the efforts of fast-food restaurants to convince us otherwise, chicken for breakfast is still an unlikely choice. That is, unless you’re sitting at a cozy table inside super-chic Craft staring at the brunch menu, agonizing over your selection.

Well, we’re here to help you make that decision easier. Even though the brunch menu changes slightly each day depending on fresh ingredients and inspirations of local chef de cuisine Anthony Zappola (as do the lunch and dinner menus), if the Roasted Texas Farm Chicken happens to grace the page, order it without hesitation.

The succulent bird is oven-roasted flawlessly and served with an earthy mixture of wild mushrooms covered with melted cheese on toasted bread for the tastiest bruschetta we’ve ever eaten. Add a masterfully poached egg and you’ve got a case study in balanced flavors, textures and aromas that perfectly combine the elements of both lunch and breakfast.

Our other fave is a staple from the restaurant’s dinner menu, given a morning-meal spin, as well. Fall-apart, succulent short ribs are made into a hash and served with eggs made to your specifications. We hope nobody was watching as we licked the plate clean.

Frittatas, a crabby version of Eggs Benedict, upscale versions of French Toast and waffles round out the menu. By the way, if we catch you ordering the oatmeal, we’re going to hurt you, unless you’re washing it down with a made-from-scratch Bloody Mary. Then we’ll give you a pass.

Besides, if you’re really trying to be healthy, order our favorite off-the-menu cocktail, the Crush. It’s made with pineapple juice, sage and vodka. What a great way to get your Vitamin C!

Craft is reason enough to venture down to Victory Park on Saturday or Sunday. Best of all, if you overindulge on booze or too many pieces of Devil’s Food Cake, you’re just steps away from the W Hotel’s front desk. Get a room, take a nap and return to Craft for dinner. That’s what we do.

2440 Victory Park Lane (inside the W Hotel), Dallas
(214) 397-4111