Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

Those brainwashers over at the Cotton Council may have convinced you that it’s “the fabric of your life.” But they weren’t talking about your sex life. Nothing can kill the mood faster than a pair of musty ol’ tighty whities.

It’s time to upgrade your drawers to undies 2.0 with a pair of 2(x)ist Carbon line made of polyester fabricated with bamboo charcoal powder. Hmm, doesn’t pressurized carbon turn into diamonds? Just sport a pair of these under some really skinny jeans and presto, instant family jewels.

While the description may not sound super sexy, the shimmery material will have you feeling hotter than a David Beckham billboard in the midday sun. And the outer-spacey new fabric is also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, totally breathable and promotes blood circulation. If they could cook breakfast, we might just marry these britches (in California of course).

So bid bye bye to “panty waist” and sentence your Fruit Of The Looms to dust rag detail. Then treat yourself to some high-performance underwear.

Trust us, your junk will thank you for it.

Available in:
Square-Cut Trunk $22
No-Show Brief $14
Contour Pouch Brief $14
Visit www.2xist.com for store locations.