Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Men In Tights…

Whenever we need a pop-culture fix, whether it’s the latest edition of “Betty and Veronica,” a hand-painted bust of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the mantel or that new Chewbacca bobblehead for the top of Grandma’s casket, Zeus Toys & Comics is the authority on all things animated, sci-fi, or just plain cool.

Out owner Richard Neal is what makes Zeus more than just a comic-book store, and one of our favorite haunts for years. He has an eye – and a passion – for what people want to collect. Whether you’re a keep-it-in-the-box-forever-and-hope-it-sells-for-millions-on-eBay type or someone who simply wants to take your Thing out of the package and play with it, you’ll find what you want at Zeus.

Richard can take you on a fantastic tour of the comic book world in just a few minutes, showing you the gay highlights, from GLBT writers and artists to queer characters popping up in mainstream graphic novels.

But for us, it’s all about the action figures. From replicas of poseable characters from Pee-wee’s Playhouse to that My Little Pony figure your parents never let you have. Or move into the new millennium with a series of Gwen Stefani dolls or an extra-large Harry Potter figure for staging your own private showing of Equus.

Come to think of it, that My Little Pony doll will come in quite handy after all.

Zeus Toys & Comics
4411 Lemmon Avenue
(214) 219-TOYS (8697)