Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Houston’s, You Have No Problem

It wasn’t so much the reputation for the food at Café R+D that lured us in, as it was the rumor that it had become a total cougar haunt for all of Park Cities’ most eligible Miss Fiftysomethings. With all the good TV on summer break, we figured what better way to pass a few hours than by watching a Botox-browed Mrs. Robinson catch herself her very own Ashton Kutcher.

And while you couldn’t a raise a dirty martini without falling into the freshly-raised cleavage of one of these ladies on the prowl, their college-age prey seemed suspiciously absent. So we soon turned our gaze (gayz?) to a more important matter – dining.

From ambiance to price tag, Café R+D will give you memories of its sister restaurant just across the parking lot, Houston’s. For appies start with the Hand-Cut Fries or the Dip Duo, a tasty mix of guac and queso except the cheese is cold and kind of resembles pimento spread. It takes some getting used to, but in the end it’s delish.

For entrées, the Chopped Chicken Salad (complete with Asian alphabet characters in the title) is a treat of more noodle and chicken than lettuce and cabbage. The “West of Paris” Roasted Chicken with tabouleh is also good, although its down-home charm is closer to Paris, Texas, than France. And the Pan-Fried Fish of the Day, some Mediterranean Sea something or other on our visit, had an elegant panko twist with just a pinch of Capt’n Gorton from-the-freezer familiarity.

Desserts, which don’t live on the menu and only in the minds of the flight attendant-esque servers, ranged from old standbys like Hot Fudge Sundaes (yawwwn) to a yummy Peach Crisp topped off with a variety of warm berries and, of course, vanilla ice cream.

All in all, Café R+D warrants a visit. Especially if you’re a young stud lookin’ for a mama, a Sugar Mama that is. Happy hunting.

Café R+D
8300 Preston Center Plaza, Dallas
(214) 890-7900