Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cream For Coffee

We’ve found the way to save Starbucks. Less coffee, more male nudity. Thanks to the slightly perverted minds over at WE tv, catch a glimpse into the homoerotic, half-naked worlds of 31 hot, shirtless guys in online videos dubbed “Hot Coffee Break.”

From performing macho guy things like licking frosting, rescuing kittens and doing housework to stereotypical gay activities like playing football, rock climbing and boxing, there’s a Hot Coffee Break for every taste, whether you like tall and rich, short and sticky, or strong and black.

These videos were created for women, being a part of WE tv and all, but we suspect these shirtless wonders will be ogled by more XYs than XXs.

And with any luck, soon we’ll catch some of these hunks in XXX.

Hot Coffee Break
Online at http://hotcoffeebreak.wetv.com



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