Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Thoroughly Modern Motifs

Welcome to Gay List Daily’s modern furniture sex education course. Today’s topic: how new suppliers of streamlined furniture are made. When a daddy Ikea loves a mommy West Elm very much, he rubs his A57 screw against her D43 wing nut (as indicated in the directions in figure C) and ta-dah, a baby is made. By baby we mean EQ3, the new ultra-cool furniture retailer calling Dallas home.

Upon first glance, it may seem like just another chrome-legged, European egg chair peddler – and to a degree it is. But this time, the egg chairs have more fabric choices, including a variety of leather options, and the price point is excellent.

But beyond just offering the über contemporary, we were pleasantly surprised by EQ3’s wide array of “regular” furniture. You know, the kind of stuff that would look good in a house even if you didn’t have stained concrete floors and exposed-pipe ceilings.

EQ3 offers something for every room in the house including chairs, ottomans, sectionals, tables, desks and even accessories. And they’ve even got a fun online space-planning tool that will keep you from buying “the couch that ate the living room.”

So stop by and say hi to our new store baby and, who knows, you just might walk out the door with your own bundle of love(seat).

13710 Dallas Parkway, Dallas
(972) 866-9100