Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nice Trunk, Jackass

Religion and politics still remain the two taboo topics not to be discussed in mixed company, but in an election year it’s almost impossible not to chime in just a little about your candidate of choice. And for those who really want to rock the boat, we’ve found the perfect anarchy accoutrements – Republican and Democratic Disguise Kits.

Whether you want to cause a ruckus amongst the liberals by wearing the ears and trunk of the elephant in the room or just stage a non-verbal protest of the Log Cabin Republicans’ meeting with your best donkey drag, each kit has got you covered.

The Democratic Disguise offers up a headband with plush grey donkey ears and attachable nose and teeth. (It makes a great outfit for that “Trip to Tijuana” role-play you’ve been thinking about, too.)

In the Republican Disguise Kit, you’ll find the telltale floppy ears of an elephant attached to the headband, as well as a strap-on trunk. And don’t bother measuring, because all the trunks are the same size.

So go forth and heckle. Who says you have to save the costumes for Halloween?

Cost: $8.99 to $9.99

Get the Republican Disguise Kit online at www.halloweenstreet.com/store/products_detail.php?pid=FO61917

Or the Democratic Disguise Kit online at www.halloweenstreet.com/store/products_detail.php?pid=FO61646



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