Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Grill, Cheesy?

Why, just yesterday we were staring out the window watching the pool boy work his skimmer, when that glaring eyesore of a grill cover came into view and completely ruined the mood.

Poor barbeque grills, not only do they have the distinction of being the meatheads’ tool of choice at every tailgate party from here to Nantucket, they also got the shaft in the glam department. Really, a dull black cover as their only option? It’s a fate worse than having to shop exclusively at Old Navy for the rest of our lives.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones lamenting the fate of daddy’s little grill. While perusing the Expo Design Center recently, we came across a light at the end of the drab-grill-cover tunnel: print.

Now we would love to tell you that there were rows and rows of Louis Vuitton-emblazoned options; but truth is, it was just a loud chili pepper number. Hey, fashion has got to start somewhere and anything is better than that dingy black thing. And who knows, maybe next summer they’ll offer them in metallics. A boy can dream, right?

Starting at $60
Expo Design Center
13900 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas
(972) 934-2900