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He’s Got Legs, And He Knows How To Use Them

Just hearing the phrase “men’s hosiery” would make most ‘mos imagine their friendly neighborhood drag queen. Grow up, boys. Hosiery is not just for ladies, hot tranny messes or curious 11-year-old boys in dresses.

We know, we know: you’re saying to yourself, “Self, are the ducklings at GLD really advocating spending my hard-earned paycheck on fancy socks?” Why, yes, yes we are!

To be fair: these aren’t simply socks. V. K. Nagrani founded The Ovadafut Hosiery Company with one word in mind: luxury. He wanted to wrap men’s feet in only the finest fabrics made of the highest quality and of a perfectionist’s spirit.

Everything about Ovadafut, from his wovens to his leather goods, is top-of-the-line and urban aristocratic, splashed with a touch of craziness. No stroke or scheme of color is not without motivation or intention.

Nagrani’s works of art spring from international inspirations. His fabrics, whether in the Peruvian cottons of his hosiery or the rich Tuscan leathers in his Weekender bag, are deep and well-thought. He draws his design influences from gentlemen in New York, Dallas, St. Louis and le Paris.

You can indulge yourself by visiting the online Nagrani boutique. We recommend going all out with the Dirty Dozen, not the least because the name makes us feel oh-so-naughty. The designers at Ovadafut will hand-select 12 luxe hose styles just for you based on your likes and interests.

Go on, show a little leg.

Styles start at $35
Shop the online boutique at



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