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This Guy Is Such An Aushole

We here at GLD pride ourselves on knowing the best of, like, everything. Seriously. Fashion, fun, boys, underwear, you name it. But we have to give props where props are due. No one knows TV like Michael Ausiello does.

You might not know Mr. Ausiello, but you should. He’s this adorable little man with a cutie-pie grin and a fast-spinning brain chock full of the hottest rumors in TV land.

And he’s not afraid to spill it.

Somehow, Michael Ausiello knows all, kind of like that raggedy drag queen who’s played guitar on the strip for years. He’ll be the first to let you know the latest guest star on your favorite TV show, the biggest tease on upcoming TV show twists, and fill you in on all the dramas behind the dramas.

Entertainment Weekly (we love you, Slezak!) wisely realized the fabulousness of Mr. A. and snatched him up. Ausiello hosts his own EW blog and where he runs his rumor mill. His EW video series, Ausiello TV, to deliver the news with help from fun celebs like Michael Urie from Ugly Betty or the ultimate hag, Miss Piggy.

After a few temptations, you’ll get hooked. His fans are die-hard devotees, dubbed affectionately as Ausholes, and they desperately seek their master’s approval.

So don’t blame us for being just a wee bit jealous of Monsieur Ausiello.

Sometimes, we’re just one big ole Aushole.

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