Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Bite Me!

Are you there, Goth? It’s me, your angst-filled youth.

It’s funny how nostalgia can strike in the seemingly most innocent of places. Like hearing a song on the radio and remembering every move of that rockin’ synchronized dance you and your friends made up. Or smelling a scent that takes you right back to those heart-pounding locker room moments when you prayed the hot soccer player didn’t notice you checking him out.

Such was the case during our recent online perusal when, somewhere between porn and pop culture, we came upon Bittersweets NY. There, among the silver earthworm bracelets and the 14k gold anatomically correct heart cufflinks, was a set of vampire teeth set in solid silver (or bronze) turned into a super cute belt buckle.

Quicker than you could say Anne “Minute” Rice, we were awash in memories of those tortured teenage years. You know, the ones where your weekly allowance was spent on black eyeliner, pirate shirts from second-hand stores and a membership to the Siouxsie and the Banshees Fan Club.

Hmm, too specific? We think not, and we have your epic love note to Robert Smith, signed in your vampire name, Lestat, to prove it.

Luckily your embarrassing youth is now an über trendy accessory. So treat yourself, and we won’t call you out for drawing the blinds, cranking up “The Cure” and taking a stroll down your darkly lit memory lane.

Solid Silver $325
Bronze $120



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