Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get Lucky With Your Dog

One day, à la Planet of the Apes, dogs will surely rule the world. For those of us with pets right now, we know the ARFageddon is quickly approaching. With our continued pampering and humanizing of these four-legged fur balls, it’s inevitable that one day we’ll be relegated to pet status and have to beg for food, affection and the occasional margarita.

And we blame it all on Lucky Dog Barkery.

This place is way too nice to dogs. For starters, they carry a gazillion toys and the staff will help you find the perfect squeaker or stuffed creature for your dog based on her age, chewing habits and astrological sign.

Then there are all the designer duds. You know, for when the President comes to town and insists on taking Fifi out for dinner to discuss his foreign policy and debate the merits of Beggin’ Strips versus real bacon.

And speaking of food, Lucky Dog’s all-natural and organic selections are higher quality than what any of us grab at a drive-thru with our jumbo fries.

But giving your dog the best of everything makes you feel great, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t complain when your dog takes you to be neutered while she goes to Puerto Vallarta for vacation.

Lucky Dog Barkery
8413 Preston Center Plaza Drive, Dallas
(214) 368-6000