Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Workin’ At The Dog Wash

This whole economy thing is really putting a crimp in our style. It should be against the law for a gallon of gas to cost more than a bottom-shelf Margarita. But just because prices are going up doesn’t mean you, or your pet, have to go without.

Take for example, Dirty Dawgz, the self-serve dog wash. It offers the perfect opportunity to knock a layer of filth off of Fido without having to endure the cost of going to the doggy day spa. And with your savings on the poochie, you can spring for more Gucci!

Now we have to admit that on first visit, we were a little apprehensive considering that our one foray into home washing resulted in a bathroom covered in more hair than a French-lady’s armpits. Not to mention the telltale eau de wet dog scent that lingered. It smelled worse than celebrity-inspired perfume. (Yes, J Lo., we’re talkin’ about Glo.)

As the name implies, Dirty Dawgz is up to the challenge of the mangiest of mutts. Each wash gets your pup entry into a raised stainless steel tub (your back will thank you) and all of the necessary dogcoutrements like an adjustable temperature spray hose, shampoo, conditioner and blow-dryer.

There’s even a fashionable apron to protect your couture dog-washing ensemble. And each wash is rounded out with a complimentary nail trim and after-bath spray.

Now if we could just teach our stylist how to finish up with the kind of blow job we gave Fluffy. Ewww, never mind.

Dirty Dawgz Package $14.50
Sexy Beast Package $17.50
Full Bath Services (for the non-do-it-yourself types) starting at $24.50

Dirty Dawgz
2924 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas
or find other DFW locations online at www.dirtydawgz.net