Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Let’s Give The Boy A Hand

If Dr. Ruth and Dr. Seuss had a baby (we’ll pause while you scrub that image from your brain), it would be The Handjob Handbook, a clever little book that’s the perfect cross between a sex-ed how-to and a children’s book.

The design treatment includes a soft, squishy cover and thick, laminated pages. (Though that may be for more practical purposes now that we think about it).

The result is a sassy little guide with 25 techniques for mastering your forehand and backhand strokes, to put things in Wimbledon terms. But what makes this book unique is that it never gets graphic in its illustrations or terminology.

The male anatomy is depicted as a banana and two kiwi fruits to show where everything is. (Yes, the book is geared to women, but we guarantee gay men will learn a thing or two, as well. Except for the anatomy part. Hopefully you have that one all figured out by now.)

Each signature technique gets its own page (including The Jiffy Pop, Taint Misbehavin’, Merry Christmas and Taffy Pull, to name but four), as well as a handy legend letting you know whether it can be performed as a Quickie, a Special Occasion, an Appetizer or a DIY.

And each is rated on a four-hand system. (Because “two thumbs up,” well, that crosses a line.)

In the end (or front), it’s nice to see that somebody can take something dirty and make it clean (sort of the opposite of what we do here at Gay List Daily, really).

It’s just too bad it’s not a pop-up book.

The Handjob Handbook: A Work of Non-Friction
By Marsha Normandy & Joseph St. James
Illustrated by Arlence Schunk