Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

‘Mo Money, ‘Mo Pride

We’re here, we’re queer and we want the perks of free parking.

In a world of sell-out sponsorship for joints like the Starplex, Smirnoff Music Centre, Yellow Pages.com Funfest Multipurpose Compound (or whatever it’s called these days), don’t you think it’s time to paint this town pink with the power of the gay dollar?

Well, Norma Rae, have we got an insider’s tip for you, and it won’t even involve breaking out the Sally Field wig to get started.

The Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas has partnered with the Dallas Museum of Art, among other non-profit organizations, to bundle together gay memberships and really give some visibility to our hard-earned disposable income.

By purchasing a museum membership through the fund, your money is batched with all the other gay bucks and recognized as a corporate sponsor. So when you see Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas proudly displayed on the latest artsy showing, you can personally gloat that it was the pennies from your pocketbook that helped make it possible.

And while the goodwill part may make you feel a little like Oprah dishing out her favorite things to the clamoring masses, we know you’re really in it for the perks. You won’t be disappointed.

Membership includes free parking, free museum admission and delightful “special” programming (quarterly) including private tours of exhibitions and cocktail receptions for fund holders.

If the last event turned Julian Onderdonk’s seemingly dry bluebonnet paintings into a David-Sedaris-meets-VH1-“Behind-The-Music” gossip fest, thanks to sass-pot curator William Randolph’s flamboyantly dishy walk-thru, just think what the King Tut exhibition will look like through mauve-colored glasses!

Donor Circle/General Memberships begin at $75/member
(The fiscal years closes September 30, so get to spendin’, sister.)

Learn more online at
Or contact Kimberly Camuel Bryan at (214) 922-1242 or kbryan@dallasmuseumofart.org.