Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Like A Candle In The Wind, um, Ear?

A childhood viewing of Jaws has kept us out of the water for years, and not just the ocean either, because we have a suspicion that the whole “salt water to live” thing is optional. Sharks could actually be lurking in the lake or even in the pool’s deep end.

But after years of therapy and plenty of Valium, we’ve recently worked up the courage to dive in (the unending 100-plus-degree days helped influence the decision a bit).

So imagine our horror upon finding out that pools and lakes can be riddled with stuff way worse than sharks, like bacteria and other microscopic filth that can lodge in your ear holes for eternity. Now that’s scary!

Luckily, Bishop’s Refuge Day Spa has the magic cure for our, possibly imagined, ailments – ear candling.

Just like it sounds, ear candling involves sticking a beeswax candle in your ear and lighting it. The heat actually creates a suction that pulls out blockages and impurities.

We’re pretty sure that in our case that means wayward hair product and the saliva of the creepy drunk guy who failed in his attempts at whispering sweet nothings.

So cue up the Elton John, and get to suckin’ those impurities. It may take a while.

Ear Candling – $95
Bishop’s Refuge Day Spa
400 South Zang Boulevard, Dallas
(214) 948-4881