Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Suck It, Tyra! Daytime TV’s Got A New Diva

Known for her tell-it-like-it is persona, famed radio show hostess and best-selling author Wendy Williams has thrown her tiara into the TV talk show ring with “The Wendy Williams Show.” While running (or rather riding in the town car) between her show and her daily syndicated radio program, Wendy took a few minutes to give her trademark “How You Doin’?” words of wisdom to Gay List Daily.

And for the record, Ms. Williams, you just let us know when you are coming to town, and we will personally break out the champagne ‘cause you are a non-stop party that we want to attend. Dick dancers, drag queens and everyone in between, consider yourself warned (or invited)!

Q: Unlike Howard Stern, we’re glad you’re on TV ‘cause that “face for radio” adage doesn’t hold true for you at all. What’s the biggest difference for you being on TV versus radio or even on your filmed radio show?
A: For TV, it’s all about the look. Everything has to be right from the hair, to the makeup to the set. And the clothes need to be form fitting and flattering. But as far as content goes, the executives have given me permission to be myself and talk with celebrities like I always do. In fact, they want me to truly be myself.

Q: You know they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and we know that many a gay boy is going to be dressing like you this Halloween (and maybe Omarosa for good drama). What accessory or signature item do you recommend they get to REALLY capture your look?
A: They’ve got to get the hair right and use enough padding to get the body type right, especially in the breast area. And don’t go with an outfit that’s too slutty or too conservative. And most importantly, don’t over accessorize. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I always wear my flower ring on my right hand and my wedding band on my left.

I’ve been called a drag queen both as a compliment and an insult, but I consider it flattery because “drag” is the essence of femininity and look. And I know that when I’ve got people walking down the street dressing and talking like me, it’s truly flattery.

Q: Do you have a BFF gay in your life, and what’s the best adventure the two of you have had together?
A: My closest gay friend right now is my makeup artist, Murell. I didn’t know him before we started filming the show, but we hit it off immediately. My best adventures are listening to him take me through who he’s worked with and what he’s done. He does it all without being too catty or bitchy. And I can ask him questions like, if “so and so” is gay. He doesn’t even have to answer yes or no, he just purses his lips or gives a certain expression, and I know the answer.

Q: Gay List Daily is all about keeping our peeps on the cutting edge of what’s trendy, be it fashion, gadgets, food or home furnishings. What’s the hottest new thing you’ve discovered in the last few weeks that you just can’t live without?
LACE FRONT WIGS! They are great, and lay flat in the front. I get mine at The Glamour Suite and Invisiwig. But they may be better for TV than for the average John Doe or Jane Doe on the street, cause you can see the lace up close.

Also, I do a little bit of Botox under each eye, but it’s not purely cosmetic. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Disease in 1998, and although it’s treatable with a pill it makes my eyes jut out so the Botox helps reduce that.

I’m also a big fan of mesotherapy to help get rid of my muffin top. What you see on TV is all me. I’m not in to wearing Spanx or girdles, I just want to wear a bra and thong and be free under my clothes. But I don’t even keep a monitor on set or else I’d be “queening out” over my appearance and lose track of the interviews.

Q: You’ve interviewed a ton of celebrities through the years. And although we care what’s going on in a celebrity’s mind, we are equally as infatuated with what’s going on in their pants. Who had the biggest package? (And you can’t say David Beckham or Lance Armstrong ‘cause we’ve seen their undie and spandex-clad junk on every billboard and bit of Tour De France coverage.)
A: In recent times? I would have to say Ray J, who was just on the on the show. He has a legendary package. He’s about four-feet tall and allegedly about four-feet long!

Q: Do you want to give any “How You Doins’?” to anyone in Dallas/Fort Worth, and when are you coming to town?
A: I wanted to say “How You Doin’?” to all the staff at Neiman Marcus, and then a special “hello” to Skip Cheatham at K104. I’m not sure when I’ll be in Dallas next, but I saw something on the Food Network about a spring food festival and I want to come for that.

Check out the “The Wendy Williams Show” weekdays at 11:00 a.m. on Fox4.
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And don’t miss Wendy throwing it down with Omarosa on YouTube. Be sure to watch the last 60 seconds. That’s where it gets good!