Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We Don’t Need Another Gyro

If you want to take a trip to the sun-soaked hills of Greece, you can buy a $1,200 ticket to Athens (plus $100 to transfer all your toga-filled luggage). Or you can discover a little bit of Greece right here in Dallas.

Stratos is not just home to some really hot Greek waiters, but some of the best Mediterranean dishes not named Maria Menounos. The gay-friendly vibe makes the experience all the more enjoyable, allowing you to pick up a Dallas Voice while munching on Dolmathes.

The restaurant boasts a pet-friendly patio, belly dancers three nights a week, and perhaps the longest Happy Hour in town (from open to close Sunday through Thursday and 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday).

But that’s all just added perks. The food is the true reason to trek to the Land of Strip Clubs along Northwest Highway.

For starters, you can’t go wrong with something flaming, and the cheesy inferno known as Saganoki is like fried cheese on steroids. Plus, when you order it you can grab the attention of everyone in the restaurant as everyone yells “OPA!” in admiration of your giant flame.

For first-timers, the Stratos Specialty Platter for Two (only $47) is a great way to try a little bit of everything, from perfectly cooked lamb chops and shrimp to delicious slabs of Moussaka and Pastitsio. Even the vegetables are tastier than should be allowed by federal law.

Forget the Baklava and cap things off with a lesser-known Greek delicacy, Galaktabouriko (hmmm…that would be a great name for our first child). The orange-infused custard is layered with phyllo dough and butter, then drizzled with cinnamon and honey. The only thing that would make it better would be eating it off the chiseled chest of an underwear model while getting a pedicure from Madonna. But no matter, the taste is fantasy-fulfilling enough on its own.

So head to Stratos and Greek out.

Stratos Taverna
2907 Northwest Highway, Dallas
(214) 352-3321
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