Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Express Yourself

Sure, Al Gore invented the internet, like, thirty years ago, and Express is a little late to the party, but don’t hold that against them. The re-launch of their website, now with e-commerce functionality, is a dirty martini in a land full of trash can punch.

Everything flows together: the copy, the images, the navigation. The site even remembers what you last saw. You can shop an entire look, or your can browse through their styles for separates.

And like any pleasurable experience, things pop up when you want them to, and they won’t when you don’t. Mmm, how satisfying.

One complaint: with very few exceptions, you see no men’s faces on the site, just chopped off images. Where’s the eye candy? Oh, the men’s underwear boutique. Never mind, then.

Express offers their shorts, tees, and all that jazz, but the real crown jewel on this queen’s site is the Shirt & Tie Guide. Did Daddy not love you, and thus you didn’t know how to tie an appropriate neckwear knot? Express can give you some love. Now there is no excuse for a floppy, sloppy half-Windsor.

Their 1MX button-down shirt is a working gay man’s necessity. Sure, you can go to your fancy-pants luxury department stores and pay a gagillion dollars for custom-tailored wovens. Or you can buy slim-fitting 1MX designs for just under $50.

Buy three at a time, and they cost only $30 each. Pair them with any of the dozens of Express’ beautiful silk neckties. And the shirts are modern-cut enough to wear to happy hour after work and still look snappy.

Express, can we buy you a drink?

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