Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Shopping For Shut-Ins

The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and an affordably priced, great-fitting men’s suit: three things that all reportedly exist, but no one can prove it – until now.

For guys, suit shopping can be equated to the longstanding ritual of women’s hunt for the perfect swimsuit, an endeavor somewhere on the pleasure scale between root canals and watching Madonna act.

But the D. JONES Tailored Collection has literally come to the rescue providing door-to-door service for a variety of fashion needs including custom suits, shirts, sport coats and even tuxedos.

Traveling the world from Beijing to Italy, D. JONES Tailored Collection has established relationships with factories and fabric makers all over the world. Just book an appointment with metrosexual cutie/business owner Drew Jones or his equally coifed and eyebrow-waxed business partner Zach Boatwright, and they will arrive at your home or business with an overwhelming collection of fabric swatches and samples from which to choose.

(The whole experience made us feel like Mariah Carey for a day, except we allowed them to make eye contact with us!)

Once you’ve selected your material, the boys take over with a series of customized measurements and questions to ensure your suit is the perfect fit, be it trendy or classic. And, they make the whole process comfortable and relaxed – even the potentially awkward inseam measurement.

What a glorious world we live in where you can watch daytime soaps in your PJs while being fitted for a fab new suit.

Now if we could just find a door-to-door Martini salesman, we’d be all set.

Custom suits start at $280 (depending on fabric)
Allow about eight weeks for delivery
To make an appointment, e-mail djones@djonescollection.com.
Or peruse samples online at www.djonescollection.com