Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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When it comes to proper social etiquette, we’ve really gotten lazy. Sloppy. And ill-mannered. And by “we” we mean everyone else, of course. Birthday parties are announced with an Evite. Funeral notices are posted on Facebook. And thank you messages are sent via text message.

It’s time to get back to basics. And Write Selection is here to help. (Even if you’re already at the top of your Emily Post.)

Now, God knows the gays love a good hand-written thank you note.

If you’ve had us over for dinner, paid our bar tabs when we “forgot” our wallets, or helped us conceal the gruesome murder of our next-door neighbor by burying him in a shallow grave by the pool, planting pansies over it then digging him back up when we heard him screaming he was still alive only to hit him with a shovel and start the tedious process all over again, we’re there with an appropriately designed piece of stationery and a nice wax seal.

We aren’t barbarians.

At Write Selection, they’ve got plenty of great note cards to choose from, including selections from Crane & Co. and Kate Spade, with many manly motifs to choose from, too.

But if you’re looking to wow the world with an invitation to your next soirée, doggie bar mitzvah or holy-shamoly civil union, step away from the computer, head to Write Selection and ask for Terry Cummings. He’s the man who can help you address to impress.

Choose from standard designs and pre-set templates, or simply tell him your theme and your dream for the ultimate invite, and his talented team of artists and printers will create masterpieces for mailing.

The process can take up to six weeks depending on complexity, but it’s well worth the wait. Many options are available in as few as five days for you procrastinating party planners who still want to make a statement, too.

A unique selection of great gifts will keep you busy browsing while fantasizing of the many RSVPs praising your immaculate taste in stationery.

And, who knows, you just might be the first person to get a thank you note for sending a thank you note.

Write Selection
314 Preston Royal Village, Dallas
(214) 750-0531