Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Duct, Duct, Goose!

It’s a challenge right out of Heidi’s reject bin over at Project Runway. Create a wallet out of duct tape and get immunity — from passé cash carriers. Now grab some scissors and make it work!

With Duct Bills, you get a complete kit with materials and instructions for creating your very own work of fashionable art. Best of all, even if your whole big, fat, gay entourage were to buy the kits, no two would ever look the same.

You can fully customize outer embellishments based on your own sense of stylistic flair. Plus, tapping into your inner Jo Polniaczek can be such a turn-on.

Just stop short of buying that tool belt to carry around your nail files, lip liner and vodka bottle.

But if crafty isn’t your thing, don’t worry your pretty little butt. You can still own your very own duct-tape wallet thanks to the Ducti line of 100-percent duct tape wallets.

They look like something straight from outer space, circa a1953 sci-fi flick. But they’re not DIY, they’re DFY (done for you). PIAS (probably in a sweatshop).

So when it comes to keeping your money safe in this modern world of infinite wallet choices, just remember: Duct and cover!

Ducti and Duct Bills Wallets
Prices start at $20 for Ducti products, $18 for each Duct Bills kit
Available at Union Jack
3820 Cedar Springs, Dallas
(214) 528-9600