Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

From Bottom To Top

Forget Star Wars. The real “Clone Wars” are happening all over television in reality shows. The Project Runway template has been applied to many professions with great success (Top Chef) and not-so-great (Top Design). Well, that was Season One and this is so now.

Top Design was almost unwatchable in its first incarnation, with blasé challenges and contestants with tepid personalities. As host, Todd Oldham had about as much personality as a prefab slab of laminate counter top.

Let’s just say, we quickly tuned out after just a few episodes (yes, we’re a patient bunch).

Season Two, however, is a completely different show, at least from an entertainment standpoint. The challenges are more fun, the pace is quicker and Texas native and one-time Dallas rezzy Oldham is now in the machine Gunn role as a mentor to the designers, relinquishing his hostess duties to India Hicks, fashion model and daughter of famous interior designer David Hicks.

The new setup is perfect. We get the requisite host with a foreign accent and cutie-pie Todd is allowed to truly shine and show off his quirky charm.

Jonathan Adler, Margaret Russell and Kelly Wearstler return as judges, but it’s Wearstler who lights up the screen with her crazy couture and even crazier coiffes. (Shear Genius, we have an emergency!)

As for contestants, sexy Preston from Amarillo will have you begging to picking out color swatches for his undergear, while Wisit from Illinois is hands up the queeniest reality contestant ever. EVER.

Once again, Bravo has delivered another great übergay reality show. So kick off your clogs, fluff your throw pillows, feng shui your snacks and join us in our new tele-addiction.

Top Design
Premieres tonight on Bravo
9:00 p.m. Central