Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Wine Me, Dine Me, 64 Me

If it’s too good to be true, we’ll buy it.

From miracle anti-aging potions to flat-ab machines stored in briefcases, if it’ll make us look better and we don’t have to do any work, we’ve got our credit card number memorized and the four easy payments calculated in our heads before we even dial the toll-free number.

So when Miller came out with Miller Genuine Draft Light (or MGD64 to the cool kids on the block), we were intrigued.

A beer that clocks in at only 64 calories per bottle and packs a mere 2.8% alcohol by volume (compared to other beers at around 4.7%), you can drink a six-pack and keep your's intact, too. Not to mention it’s waaay better than most cocktails.

Case in point, a typical 12-ounce margarita clocks in at a whopping 564 calories, not to mention the tons of sugar (and sodium if you like a salty rim job). So technically, you could drink nearly nine bottles of MGD64 for the same calorie count and far fewer carbs.

Similarly, just one ounce of ranch dressing will add 137 calories to your daily intake, so next time you hit the salad bar, skip the dressing and grab two beers instead.

Here are some other helpful dieting exchanges. A single crunchy taco from Taco Bell? Three bottles of beer. One boneless, skinless chicken breast? Two and a half brewskies.

And you’d only have to eliminate one Big Mac from your day to savor eight easy-to-drink brews.

But what about the taste, you ask?

It’s a little watery as far as beers go, but with a squeeze of lime, MGD64 is amazingly refreshing. And we could feel our waistlines slimming down with every delicious sip.

$14 per 12-pack
Available at Centennial, Sigel’s and other fine Dallas-area liquor stores