Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Postcards From The Veg

At Gay List Daily, we get mail every week asking how on earth we keep our girlish figures with all the fabulous restaurants we review each month.

Well, dear readers, it’s easy. Six days a week we binge and purge (keeping plenty of Altoids on hand, of course). Then on the seventh day, we eat healthy.

But roaming the Farmer’s Market for free samples can be so tedious, so what’s a boy to do?

Hop on your unicycle and head to Sweet Tomatoes! Now, rest assured, we’ve never been big fans of the whole salad bar ordeal, but a few visits to this all-you-can-eat restaurant has changed our tune.

Unlike other soup-and-salad places around town, everything here is immaculately presented and abundantly fresh.

Pre-made salads start the line followed by a variety of premium greens and yard after yard of fresh veggies, cheeses and nuts. You can add cold grilled chicken for just $1.25, but we say go vegetarian for the day and you’ll be happier.

After paying for your meal, you can stuff your face with soups, potatoes, pastas and plenty of decadent muffins, breads and desserts. (Choose the fruit if you know what’s good for you).

But really, when building your own gigantorific salad, it’s hard to go wrong.

Just make sure to go online before you go and check the nutrition facts for the prepared salads and dressings in particular. Then you can make healthy choices and avoid eating your daily fat allotment in Thousand Island alone.

Then treat yourself at the end of the meal with the world’s smallest ice cream cone filled with just a taste of yummy fro-yo. After all, you need something to fill in the cracks.

Sweet Tomatoes
15225 Montfort Drive, Addison
(972) 385-7160
More area locations opening soon