Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You Grow Girl!

Plants. They give us precious oxygen and giant headaches from not knowing how to keep the poor things alive. Yes, sadly the only green thumb we have is a complication from a drunken one-night stand and some expired body paints.

But one stroll through Gardens in West Village has instilled us with a big, sunny ray of confidence that this time we can keep our favorite flora flourishing.

A long-time Austin institution, Gardens has branched out to Dallas bringing with it everything you need to be an “urban gardener.” We’re not sure exactly what that means, but we hope it has something to do with not actually getting dirt under our nails.

Gardens offers a wide selection of decorative pots and containers, as well as a stunning spread of succulents and orchids to go in them. They also carry soil, bulbs, books and garden tools perfect for keeping any Mary Mary from being too contrary.

Or, if you are more of a silk plant person (our condolences to your sense of style), Gardens has other housey products ranging from lotions and soaps to pesto and pillows.

And word to the wise, if you see the cute sales guy, he doesn’t take kindly to being asked for help to “trim your bush.”

3699 McKinney Avenue, Dallas
(214) 528-7770