Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Domo Arigato, Mr. Gelato

Not only do we like to alert you to new trends, we also like to buck them from time to time. Like wearing our sunglasses at night, donning white after Labor Day (OK, maybe not that crazy), and eating frozen treats during winter.

Though we’re not to the below-freezing mark yet, we can feel it in the air. (Thank you, El Niño.) And that means getting our routes mapped out now to the best places in town for a coneful of creamy happiness.

We don’t want construction zones or high-traffic areas to prevent us from getting our post-summer gelato fix in a hurry.

Tucked away on the trendier-by-the-day-though-still-slightly-“scary” side of Henderson Avenue sits a tiny boutique gelato/fro-yo shop with mod décor and a sultry cocktail lounge soundtrack to add an extra bit of “hip” while slinging treats that are kinder to your hips.

The gelati at Natsumi are made with organic whole and soy milk, and the sorbets are created with nothing but water, fruit and organic cane sugar and other natural sweeteners.

The frozen yogurt, for a radical twist, actually tastes like real yogurt. You get the tang of cultures without all the overbearing sweetness of most chain-store varieties.

Plus, you can top your favorite flavors (the triple threat of Oreo, Dark Chocolate and Coconut gelati is our dessert kryptonite) with fruits and other tasty morsels.

Smoothies, coffee and green tea drinks round out the tiny but perfect menu, but it’s the frozen confections that will keep us coming back, meaning that any time of year is ideal for keeping your licking reflexes strong and in peak condition.

Natsumi Gelato + Frozen Yogurt
2323 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas
(214) 823-1707