Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Do It In The Backseat

There are some movies that have to be watched on the big screen. You know, epics like The Ten Commandments, Titanic or From Justin to Kelly.

Sure, DVDs and home theaters have changed the world, but not necessarily for the better.

After all, there’s just something about the experience of watching a film from a broken seat, feet stuck to the floor while a couple hundred people talk through the whole thing, stink up the place with loaded nachos and IM their post-movie manhunt.com hookups.

On second thought, there’s an even better way to catch a flick, but you’ll have to go back in time about seven decades in your 2008 3-series.

Thankfully, Dallas/Fort Worth has a blast from the past right in its own backyard: the Galaxy Drive-In Theatre in Garrett, Texas (just 20 miles south of Dallas).

Don’t worry, it’s in the same time zone and you don't need a passport.

From four gigantic screens, kick it old school with the latest films the way your parents did. Or sneak into the backseat and do a little heavy petting Mom-and-Pop, err Pop-and-Pop style.

Everything about this place is like a time warp, from the vintage speakers you can hang from your car window to the snack bar loaded with all the wonderful movie food advertised at intermission with classic commercials, including everybody’s favorite trained wiener jumping into a welcoming bun crack (You have seen Grease, right?).

As fall approaches and the nights begin to cool, we recommend kicking back in your Prada lawn chairs and enjoying a double feature al fresco rather than inside where the oodles of hot butter can ruin your leather seats, AND get in your popcorn.

BTW, Galaxy does serve some of the tastiest popcorn around. (And remember, this place literally survives thanks to concession stand sales, so make sure to order a large of everything!)

Thankfully, all prices are stuck in the past, too.

Oh, and the people-watching is often better than the movies you’ve paid to see. Just leave your Dalitude at the front gate (right next to the mini golf course).

Double Feature: $6 per person
Cash only for snack bar, credit cards accepted at box office
Fall shows begin at 8:15 p.m., gates open at 6:30 p.m.