Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Blending In

Nothing says classy trashy like a drive-up liquor store. It’s all the joys of the pub, minus the social interaction, bad pickup lines and shoes. But it was the sight of the Daiquiris To Go sign that made us brake check so hard we almost spilled our martinis.

At first, pulling into the repurposed garage drive-through of this cocktail-a-go-go haven near downtown seemed like a trap. There was no doubt that any moment we could, once again, be standing outside the car singing our ABC’s backwards while balancing on one stiletto.

Instead, we were greeted by a friendly staff and oversized menu of drinks made with vodka, rum or tequila. But it was the names that made us giddy as a schoolgirl (well, schoolgirls with fake IDs).

Choose from ‘hood options like the Oak Cliff or the North Dallas. Or muster up the courage to not crack a smile while requesting the Lick A Dee Split, Make U Wet, Viagra or (gasp) The Leg Spreader.

If you really want to sound butch, might we suggest the Pink Panties or the Panty Dropper?

Don’t see anything on the menu that tickles your fancy? Create your own blend. Owner Marcus Lewis says he’ll custom blend any flavor to your satisfaction, and even add it to the menu if it gains popularity.

Our suggestion: The Momma’s Been Drinking – equal parts gin, lavender perfume and thinly veiled insults.

Now before you stop reading and forward this e-mail directly to your favorite MADD member, we should preface that the “to go” part does not mean in the car.

All bevies are placed in plastic bags that are crimp sealed so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home, and not in a jail cell reeking of fear and remorse.

Starting at $6 for 16 ounces or $25 a gallon
Daiquiris To Go
1622 Market Center Boulevard, Dallas
(214) 741-0600