Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Setting Pretty

Dallas socialite and event planner Kimberly Schlegel Whitman knows a thing or two about pulling off an affair that leaves people talking. Locals will remember her headline-grabbing wedding held inside the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center with a reception that covered almost all of Lee Park in party tents and rented linens.

Over the years, Kimberly has become our “go to” girl for modern day social etiquette, although she never did answer our query about confronting a cheating boyfriend at a dinner party. We wanted to know if it was more appropriate to spit in his face and kick him in the family jewels in front of guests or to opt for a more discrete location.

Through her books such as The Pleasure of Your Company: Entertaining in High Style and Dog Parties, Kimberly doles out tips and tricks for proper entertaining. (You know how gauche those canines can be.)

Now she’s back with a new book just in time for your holiday soirees – Tablescapes: Setting the Table with Style.

Thumbing through, we found lots of pics and tips guaranteed to inspire. Like the advice to dinner party guests to “arrive within fifteen minutes of the time on the invitation.” It may seem like common knowledge, until you’re serving ice-cold quiche thanks to Gay Standard Time.

Tablescapes has got you covered whether you want to plan a “Butterfly Brunch,” a “Pampered Pink Spa Party,” a “Fairy-Tale Gnome Lunch” or even an “Après Ski Supper” (that Swiss Chalet life can be rough). You’ll also find locals like Todd Events and Ducky Bob’s listed in the resources section.

We’ll be checking the mailbox for our invite and promise to RSVP ASAP.

Available for $32 online at