Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Goodwill Hunting

It’s time to broaden our horizons, kiddos. There are better ways to support your community than binge drinking Chablis at your local gayberhood haunt or running to Homo Depot thirteen times for kitchen fixtures and garden knick-knacks.

Better yourself at VolunteerMatch.com.

VolunteerMatch has been connecting willing service-minded folks with groups and companies trying to make a difference in their neighborhoods, cities and states. They’ve been online since 1994 (seriously!) building up and brightening the country, one task at a time.

Finding a charity or service organization that’s right for you couldn’t be easier. VolunteerMatch’s vast network includes over 50,000 non-profits and offers tips galore for getting involved.

The search engine in Volunteer Match is a snap: type in your location and area of interest, and off you go. The sheer bulk of opportunities that pops almost overwhelms – food kitchens, HIV/AIDS day care centers, local schools, disaster relief organization and more.

VolunteerMatch boasts an impressive celebrity fan club and overwhelming trophy case. Mega-stars like Oprah and former President Bill Clinton preach the powers of the site. So do super corporations like Gap, Blue Cross Blue Shield, General Mills and Google.

VolunteerMatch has been featured in Top 10 lists year after year for the last decade. The site even won a Webby!

Using VolunteerMatch is free, but good souls should donate a tax-deductible gift to help them continue empowering citizens and building stronger communities.

There, we’ve done our good deed for the day.

Free; donations appreciated



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